A Memorable Family Beach Vacation in Fort Morgan, AL

A year ago, we took the boys to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores, AL. We only stayed for the day, but we did take a few hours to enjoy the sand and waves. The place is beautiful and has great vibes. Knowing we wanted to go back, we decided to look in the area for a beach house to spend our annual summer beach trip this summer. This landed us in Fort Morgan, AL– the perfect spot to spend your next family beach vacation.

Mom of WAR- family beach vacation

A Memorable Family Beach Vacation

Fort Morgan, AL is about 18 miles from Gulf Shores, although the drive is an easy straight shot with no stop signs or red lights.


This area seems to be free from all things tourist. The only high rise I saw was approximately 6 miles from where we stayed.

There aren’t any souvenir-y, chain beach stores that densely populate other beach areas. In fact, there’s only one store that we found, Sassy Bass. Sassy Bass is a local, one-stop-shop with souvenirs, fresh seafood to take home, and a market. There was also a restaurant attached. We didn’t eat there, but we did purchase from the market a few nights and the meat and veggies were excellent quality.

We also passed a pizza delivery place or two.

Although there were people on the beach, it wasn’t slam packed. Rather than having rows and rows of towels, umbrellas, and tents, there was one row… every group had a front row view of the gorgeous ocean.

It was nice to share the beach with other families and no craziness happening around us.

Mom of WAR- family beach vacation

Love my sunglasses? They’re Knockarounds, girl! These are Blueberry Geode Mai Tais. I have them in Watermelon Geode too. Fun, polarized, great fit, and super affordable!

Dog Friendly Beaches

For all the dog families out there, these beaches are dog friendly! Tookie, our English Bulldog, has been to the beach several times as a young puppy, but it’s been a few years for him. Sunset walks along the shore are his fave.

Fiona, our Maltipom, turned 2 on July 3. This was her first trip to the beach and do you know what we learned? She’s a beach bum just like us! She enjoyed digging in the sand, people watching, and running as far as we’d let her!


Oh man, the water. I ranted about the water every day we were there and every time I saw it. For four days straight we saw crystal clear water. There was absolutely no seaweed. I could stand in water up to my chest and still see my toes.

The water was almost perfectly calm. Our 6 and 7 year old boys swam with ease and little concern.


Check out VRBO, there are lots of places to stay in the area. We enjoyed a house dubbed the Bright & Breezy. It was an amazing house just steps from the beach. There was more than enough room in this open concept home, a bathroom for everyone (major plus when you live with a bunch of boys!), and every tool or gadget you could imagine in the kitchen.

The owners went above and beyond to ensure we enjoyed out stay and responded in a record amount of time if any question arose. It’s easy to see their love for the beach and care for others in their home and actions. I highly recommend staying here. Click here to see the Bright & Breezy for yourself!

Fort Morgan, AL

If you’re looking for a family friendly environment, this is the spot! The beach was nothing short of perfect and the peaceful, family vibe was one we strive for during any vacation.

Enjoy sun, sand, and family.

We had a birthday party during our stay! Check out the super simple Nerf wars birthday party we through together for our beach trip.

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Mom of WAR- family beach vacation


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