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My goal is to provide an easy read blog for mommies of all kinds to relate to in some way. Whether you need a distraction from the day, a snicker, a place to vent, an avenue to share your story, or some advice… you can find that here! I don’t want to sell you anything or convince you I know the best ways to be a mom, because there is no one size fits all for parenting. I’m a regular girl trying to fit all 1000 things into the day and still survive, just like you are. I’m not sure I can teach you anything, but I promise to provide fun, smiles, laughter, good ideas, and mom problems you can relate to.

So, who am I? My name is Mallory Richardson. I am a 30 year old wife, mommy, employee, teacher and PhD student. Jeremiah, AKA Dad, is my good-looking, hard-working husband. We have two handsome little boys, Wesley (5) and William (4). These three guys are my “why.” The two little ones… the W.A.R. of my blog’s title (their initials!). *You can read more about the title of my blog HERE.* As if they don’t keep me busy enough, I am also an HR Assistant for a local construction company. I work part-time typically logging 28 hours per week. After graduating with my M.S. in HR Management this past December, I applied to a PhD Psychology program and got in! Our life is busy, but full of love and excitement. Searching for “me time” and recognizing that I have always loved to write, I decided to start a blog.

I would be thrilled if you decided to join me here! Who doesn’t enjoy a small escape from the day’s busyness? Follow, comment, share, pin… after all, sharing is caring!

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  1. Your blog is beautiful! I am a mom of 2 as well (my girls are 6 and 7) with one more on the way. I have tried working part time before and it consumes my entire life. I do not know how you do it balancing family and work AND full time school AND a blog. That is truly incredible. I admire your energy and enthusiasm ^_^


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