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Moving is hard work! It’s even more difficult when you aren’t sure what to do with hanging clothes or how you’re going to remember where these 5 cords plug into this one machine. Keep reading for moving tips for busy moms that come straight from the pros.

That’s right, my husband has owned and operated a moving company for nearly 10 years! So, the tips you are about to read come straight from years of the experience of becoming an expert in your field.

Let’s get real… moms do most of the packing of household items.

So how can we make moving easier on ourselves? Let me tell you a few ways…

True America Moving- Moving tips for busy moms

Moving Tips for Busy Moms

Are you a planner like I am? Then you’ve probably already thought of my first tip, but you’d be surprised how many people forget this.


It’s important to decide early if you’re going to use a company to move your belongings. If you decide that’s the route you’re going to take, it is best you do not wait until a few days before your move date to call. I highly recommend calling at least two weeks in advance. If your move date is set in stone, call the company early to make sure you can reserve the date you want.

Calling early also gives you an opportunity to request quotes from more than one company.

The Walk-Through

Be careful when companies do not give and exact quote, but instead provide a range or estimated price.

If the company offers a walk-through, it’s a good idea to have one completed. This allows them to see the size, weight, and location of all items needing to be moved, and they can better determine the number of men and supplies needed to successfully complete the job. This should land you at a more exact price.

Don’t hesitate to ask about fees that may not have been discussed. This could include minimum hours/pricing, stair fees, and mileage fees.


Start de-cluttering weeks BEFORE your move. There’s no need to move and unpack items you will be getting rid of anyways. This is going to make organizing your new home go much smoother!

Heavy Item = Small Box

Will you be packing boxes?

Contrary to what you may believe, it’s best to put heavier items in smaller boxes. Large boxes are awkward and hard enough to carry as is, plus they are typically heavier because more items fit inside. By placing heavier items in smaller boxes, you will be able to carry and maneuver them much easier.

Label Everything

Labeling is often taken for granted. It’s all going to the same place anyways, right?

Label, at least, what room the box belongs in. Personally, I like to break it down further than that by notating a few specific items, especially if they are ones I will be looking for. It’s best to keep more than one marker on hand. Chances are you will misplace the one you are using numerous times.

Not into the details? These moving sticker labels make the process quick and painless.

Remove Stored Items

Whether you will be lifting your furniture or a company, it’s best to remove stored items from furniture with drawers or cabinets. This is especially true for heavy pieces, like solid wood. Removing stored items will make furniture easier to move, therefore helping to prevent possible damage to the furniture. It also prevents the items inside from being damaged during the move.

Take Pictures

This is my favorite tip!

Take pictures of the back of your electronics, so you know which cords are plugged in where. Imagine the stress and time this can save when it’s time to plug them back in!

Hanging Clothes

If you’re packing your own home, purchasing boxes can get quite expensive. Save on box space when packing hanging clothes by using large trash bags like these.

  • Open the bag and turn it upside down
  • Create a hole in the middle of the seam
  • Grab a handful of hanging clothes
  • Place the hangers in the bag and through the hole
  • Pull the bag over the clothes
  • Tie the bottom of the bag

*I like to tie the bottom of the bag, just in case items fall off their hangers during the move, but it is completely optional.

First In, Last Out

Packing a moving truck, especially one that is going to be full, is harder than most realize.

As you’re packing furniture and boxes onto a truck remember, the first items you put on the truck will be the last items to come off the truck. Make sure you pack what you need the soonest last.

Moving Tips for Busy Moms

Moving is hard work, no matter who you are or where you are moving. Using these tips will help take some of the stress out of moving and keep you organized at the same time!

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Mom of WAR- moving tips for busy moms


  1. These are great tips. We moved several years ago and used a lot of these ideas. I love the idea of taking pictures of the back of electronics. I never would have thought of that!


  2. These are some great moving tips! I always wait until the last minute to pack and it’s so stressful. Hoping our next more will be our last but will definitely be hiring movers and not try to do everything ourselves.


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