A Super Simple Nerf Wars Birthday Party

Has your child had a birthday within the last several months? Then you know how difficult it is to plan a birthday party with COVID floating around. Although things have loosened up a bit now, our oldest turned 7 in April, during the heart of quarantine. With our annual beach trip planned for our youngest’s 6th birthday, we decided to make the first night about celebrating our oldest. He wanted a Nerf Wars birthday party… so that’s exactly what he got!

DIY Nerf Wars Birthday Party

The original plan was to have Wesley’s Nerf Wars birthday party at a local gymnastics gym. Because of quarantine, that didn’t work out. Without a large space, obstacles, or tons of kiddos running around, I had to think simply and creatively. Don’t let the simple part turn you off to the idea, the party was a hit!

Here’s how we had an awesome Nerf Wars birthday party without outside help.


A cake is half of the party!

We made sure the cake for the party was superb. My MIL, Honey, had this award deserving cake made locally at Tara’s Temptations. We’ve used her several times in the past and have never been disappointed. The Nerf cake she made for Wesley was nothing short of perfection.

Mom of WAR- Nerf Wars birthday party


I Amazon-ed all things Nerf.

(Click on the items to see them on Amazon.)

Aside from the monstrous Nerf guns my hubby bought the boys, he went all out and bought our fam 4 matching, light-up Nerf guns just for this Nerf Wars party. Here’s the ones he chose…

The War

There wasn’t much rhyme or reason. We made up a few rules as we went and issues arose, like gun jams!

How we started:

We chose teams.

We chose bases. One team claimed a base on one end of the house, the other team did the same on the other end of the house. Bases were used to reload!

We Nerf war-ed! We went all out for a solid hour. Firing, strategizing, re-loading. Our team’s strategy towards the end was to infiltrate the other team’s base and steal their ammo supply, so they had no choice but to forfeit!

After the Party

Every. single. person. ranted about how much fun the Nerf War was.

Truly, it was a great time. As we picked up the gazillion Nerf darts, we laughed and talked about our favorite parts and best ideas.

Although we had to do things differently than originally planned, it was a party to remember. If you’re wanting to throw a simple Nerf Wars birthday party, I hope you found some great ideas. I’d love for you to come back and tell me how it went.

Birthday parties are BIG in our family. Check out other themes we’ve used here.

Mom of WAR- Nerf Wars birthday party


  1. Oh my gosh. That cake is priceless. And birthdays in quarantine are no joke. We have had a couple. In fact, both were drive by bashes because we were in complete stay at home orders. It is crazy. But, you have to pivot and be creative and make it special.


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