Funny Things My Kids Have Done… This Week! Vol 10

Every year we go to the fireworks show in Headland. It’s always a great show, but this year, they outdid themselves! The finale was spectacular!

On the way to our fireworks show last week, I was talking to the boys and telling them how excited I was to see the fireworks. Getting more and more excited as we talked about it Wesley decided…

Wesley: I want to be a firework!

Me and Jeremiah just looked at each other with a strange look on our face, shrugged, and rolled with it!

Me: Well, what color firework would you be?!

Wesley decided he wanted to be a green, gold, and silver firework. William wants to be rainbow.


Sunday, we had a get together at one of my BFF’s house. After too many chips and dip, we had hamburgers and hot dogs, cold drinks, and popsicles for the kiddos.

The kids played outside and inside and back outside and back inside. It’s rare that we have them all in the same place at the same time. So it was nice to see them all playing together and enjoying it so much.

We definitely do not do these often enough! What a great time!

Let’s talk food. We have some growing boys in our house. All they do is eat.

Last night, I was turning all the lights off and locking the doors to get in bed. Dad found Wesley hiding in the hall. I’m still not really sure why he was doing that?

Anyways, he came to talk to me after he was found. He told me he was hungry… 9:30 at night… after dinner and a snack… the boy is hungry.

So, I tell him he can have a cheese stick. I also let him know that these types of snacks he can have whenever he wants. He doesn’t need me to get them. We are working on more independence.

“Okay, Wheels is asleep anyways.”

Okay?? I let him know it didn’t matter if Wheels was asleep or not. They could both have cheese sticks if they wanted them.

When he got back to his room, Wheels popped his head up from his bed… “What??!!”

Wesley chose to completely ignore the dude by saying, “nothing!” He hopped into bed before Wheels could realize he had a snack. Guess he didn’t want to share… or be down another cheese stick…

Having boys is a lot of fun. They are getting to such a great age. I’m definitely learning new things every day. We talk more and have more of the same interests. And, these little dudes are so funny and so smart. It’s kind of crazy.

I have two mini best friends that I get to live with!

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