Funny Things My Kids Have Done… This Week! Vol. 9


My kids are pretty cool kids.

Summer mornings are so much easier. I don’t have to worry about what the boys are wearing or how their hair looks or if they chose the goofiest socks to wear with shorts. I let them dress (mostly) how they want to. Here’s how they both choose to go to Nanny’s one day this past week:


I’m not just saying it because they are my kids… but these two look like pretty cool dudes to know!

Dad was out of town working for a few days, so William slept with me every night. (I’m still recovering.) One night, we were laying in bed watching Surf’s Up. It might of been the second one. We were only a few minutes into the movie and the penguin guy went surfing at night.

Without any prior conversation, William started spitting out rules about surfing at night.

Step 1: Don’t go skating at night.

Step 2: Don’t go surfing at really really night.

Step 3: Don’t fall off.

Step 4: If you fall off you might get eaten.

It’s not a typo. He was saying “step” and the number instead of “rule” and the number.

He’s not totally off base either. It’s very possible to get eaten if you fall off a surf board.


While we were making Dad presents for Father’s Day, William found a Christmas box, put a present he picked out in it (one of his toys), and put it on Dad’s side of the bed for when he got home later in the week. Since he slept with me every night, we had to move it. But, in the morning he would put it right back in it’s place just in case Dad came home that day.

He had me take a picture with him and the present.


Wheels is my little rebel. But still, an oh so sweet little rebel. One morning, before work, I was working on my last blog post. He came up to me all nervous.

“Mommy, I want to be an Alabama fan now.”

Oh brother. I thought I taught him better. He’s already switched two times before this.

“Okay,” I responded with a sigh.

I guess he thought I was going to argue or try to convince him otherwise, because he all of a sudden got super sad…

“I still love you though,” he said to me.

“I know Wheels. I love you too.”

Almost in tears… “You’re still my mommy though.”

All I could do was hug my little traitor of an Alabama fan. I told him it didn’t matter who he cheered for, and that he could decide for himself.

And so… mom is the lone Auburn fan once again. At least I have Fiona.

So, Dad had a move to PA this past week. He was able to stop in Washington DC and visit for a bit. He had never been. He went to the Smithsonian Museum, and brought the boys back some really awesome souvenirs.

Wesley walking on the moon…

Wheels being cool:

<br />
<br />
<br />

I’m sure they will have plenty of entertaining moments to write about next week! So, stay tuned.

While you wait, don’t forget to check out the funny things my cool kids did last week… like thinking Yoshi’s name is Sushi…Read all about it here!

Funny Things Vol 9


  1. This is great! Kids say and do the funniest things! A personal favorite of mine is asking my kids about their dreams. It’s AMAZING the responses you will get!


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