A PERFECT Alligator Birthday Party

William wanted an alligator birthday party! Challenge accepted. Now I’m going to share our party with you, so you gave have a super cool alligator birthday party too!

Birthdays are a big deal for our family. I thoroughly enjoy planning them and making the day special. Three months ago, when I asked William what kind of party he wanted, without hesitation, he told me, “alligator!” How much fun is my kid?! He could have easily said PJ Masks or Blaze and the Monster Machines. I could have bought matching plates, napkins, and wrapping paper. Nope, he chose an alligator birthday party.

Our Alligator Birthday Party


I found the perfect invitations on Etsy. There are so many to choose from, and you can’t really go wrong. Here are the invitations I purchased! They were delivered as a pdf, and I had them printed at Office Depot.

Bouncy House/Water Slide

Welcome to the Richardson swamp! 

July is a hot, hot month in South Alabama. So, William’s birthday parties must have water involved, no matter the theme. Although, water does fit nicely with alligators.

We rented a blow-up bouncy house water slide, which was a hit! The kids could have slept on it if it was possible. They loved it. Having the bouncy house, I didn’t have to explain any games, dinosaur egg hunts (read about our dino party here), or crafts. They didn’t want to do anything else! So, mom actually got to sit down and watch the party!

Mom of WAR- Alligator birthday party

Swamp Themed Food

The party started at 2PM, but I always plan for food, rather than just a snack. Here’s a few food ideas for an alligator themed party:

  • Hot dogs, cattails
  • Applesauce cups, swamp sauce
  • Chips, chomp chips
  • Watermelon, marsh-melon
  • Grapes, alligator eyes
  • Gatorade, gator-ade
  • Lemonade, swamp water
Mom of WAR- Alligator birthday party

Alligator Birthday Cake

Publix did an amazing job making the alligator cupcake cake I requested. It was my pièce de résistance. Of course there was ice cream.

Actually, I asked one of my BFFs to pick up some ice cream. That’s a thing, you know? Ice cream and cake. I always forget the ice cream. That’s my biggest party flaw. Well, I forgot to get it out at cake time. So, we had ice cream, but we didn’t eat it! Set a reminder for the ice cream!

Mom of WAR- Alligator Birthday Party

Alligator Decorations

The decorations were different shades of green, and we also had a blog up ring toss. The kids loved the game, but the alligator ended up in the water with them!

Here are some of the decorations and party favors I purchased to make this alligator themed birthday so awesome:

&lt;br /&gt;<br />&lt;br /&gt;<br />&lt;br /&gt;<br />&lt;br /&gt;<br />

Party Favors

When the party was over, the guests received their goody bags. I was proud of the goody bags. The party favors included fun, summery gifts, like sunglasses and mini blow up beach balls.  There were also alligator finger puppets, to-go cups with alligators on them and fancy paper straws, and candy. Super cute.

I’m pretty sure I melted during the party. I’m not sure what crazy person wears jeans in South Alabama, in the middle of July, at 2PM, when they know they are going to be outside for hours. No, the holes in my knees didn’t cool me down.

I had a great time. The kids had a great time, which matters the most. The company at the party was awesome. I can only hope as the boys get older, the parents stay just as much fun!

If you loved the alligator birthday party, you should check out this art themed party we had too!

Alligator Party Pin

This past Monday, the baby of our family turned 4. Although we are so proud of the smart, adventurous little boy with a heart of gold that Wheels has become, this is sad for me! For Wesley, 4 years to 5 years was a transition. He left behind his toddler-ness and became a little dude. Now that Wheels is 4, I know that is coming for him too!

William Axel Richardson, AKA Wheels, AKA ittle bittle, AKA Bitty… Happy 4th Birthday handsome. You are perfect. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for you. I love you.

Mom of WAR- Alligator Birthday Party


  1. I absolute love it. Birthdays are huge for me too. My boys are in July and I started planning in January. My husband thinks I’m crazy lol.
    Just like you did. Everything has to be in theme. I did a LEGO, Star Wars , pirates. Now that I saw yours. I’m secretly hoping my boys want an alligator party lol
    Seriously. It’s awesome!!
    Oh and I feel you for the 4. My son just turned 5. Starting KG. No more baby ☹️


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