Mommy Son Date Night Ideas

It was date night! Not with the hubby though.

These boys are growing at the speed of light. Every day I look at them and chisel their little faces into my mind. I don’t ever want to forget the way they are now. I watch videos of them as babies and, of course, I remember. Still, I don’t remember enough. Can you ever remember enough? I don’t know. I’m scared to even blink, because I might miss the way they are right now.

Realizing how fast it’s going, I make a point to look at them every day. Not in the normal way we look at people standing in front of us, because that’s the way eyesight works. I make a point to see them.

I spend a lot of time with my boys. We do crafts, watch movies, play games, run errands, etc. It’s rare, though, that we do something outside of the house that is fun and just for us. So, tonight was date night… date night with my boys!

We invited Honey along. So, it was more like a double date!

What was on the agenda? Dinner and a movie!

We ate at Mikata. The boys have been once before, but it was over a year ago. They didn’t remember a thing about it, so it was like a first-time experience for them. When our chef lit the grill on fire, they both jumped back with crazed looks on their faces! Wesley LOVED the soup. William LOVED the chicken in what he called steak sauce. It was yum yum sauce! Their favorite part… the chef tossing an egg in his hat and acting like it disappeared. William wanted him to do it over and over.

I was proud of my Wes Wes at Mikata. He wanted to talk and interact with the chef, and he was nothing but polite and encouraging. “Chef sir, hey chef sir, your food is the best!” He said things like this throughout the entire performance. It made my heart warm… but goodness gracious stop my little boy from growing up!

After dinner we headed over to the movie theater to see Jurassic World. Wesley is somewhat of a dinosaur aficionado. Unrelated to date night, but talking about Wesley and dinosaurs, I must post this video…

Anyways, Jurassic World. The theater was packed. We were lucky we got the last four seats together without having to sit in the front row. All of us were ecstatic to find out the seats where recliners! We have never been to a movie theater with this type of seating. I love the previews, but there were 30 stinking minutes of them. With small kids, that’s rough. Finally, the movie started, and 5 minutes later William crawled over to my seat and was asleep in my lap. Wesley watched all but the last 30 minutes of the movie, falling asleep sideways in his chair. Honey and I enjoyed the entire movie though!

Life is busy. We are constantly moving in this family, so it was time to take a time out from doing. Tonight, wasn’t about the dinner and movie. It was about quality time with my boys. I wasn’t toting them around as I decided which cereal to buy or looked for which paper towels were on sale. This time was all about us. They were able to have all my attention, which unfortunately, they don’t get as often as they should.

Soooo… does anyone know a way I can freeze my children?!? I need them to stay this small, innocent, and precious forever.

Don’t forget to leave me some of your date night ideas!


  1. I love this post! My family recently went to our first movie with reclining seats as well. Aren’t they just fantastic! I see you guys brought in a blanket. I wish I had thought of that. Our theater was a bit chilly we ended up using our sweaters for make shift blankets. I love that your chef interacted with your little boy so well. It shows he truly loves his job. Happy blogging thanks for sharing.


  2. I have two sons too and a little girl. My husband and I try to take them on dates one on one frequently, it’s so fun! They love this time just spent doing what they love.

    It looks and sounds like you made these boys’ day so special.


  3. This is adorable, and it looks like they (and you!) had a blast! Thank you for reminding us all to stay in the moment and to take the time for our loved ones.


  4. What a fun date night with your boy. I have a daughter and two sons and we love doing date nights.


  5. Just adorable! You are a very lucky mama with some very loved kiddos ❤ I'll have to modify this as a stay at home date night for my budget =) but definately making it a point to "see" my sons a little more!


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