A Super Fun Kickball Birthday Party

Wesley turned 8 last week! Goodness, where has time gone? When I asked him a few months ago what he wanted to do for his birthday party… we told him he could choose ANYTHING… he was dead set on a kickball birthday party.

Last year, he didn’t get to have a birthday party. Quarantine had literally just started. It was the first time he was really interested in inviting other people besides family, so it was hard to explain to him that we just couldn’t do it. We love birthday parties in our house!

This year, we wanted it to be extra special. When he chose a kickball party, we thought it seemed too simple, but of course… whatever he wanted! Now that the party is over and done, I think our whole family agrees that this was the BEST birthday party yet.

A Kickball Birthday Party


First things first…

You need somewhere you can play kickball. If your backyard is big enough, that is always an option. We decided we wanted to have the party on a field. On the weekends, one of our city’s recreational parks offers practice fields on a first come first serve basis. Yes… I had to be there early… just in case! This mama wasn’t taking any chances.

We were able to secure a baseball practice field, so we already had bases! I did bring a set of bases (like these) I bought from Amazon, just in case we ended up in a grassy field.


I found a downloadable/editable invite on Etsy and had them printed at Walgreens. Make sure you search for promo codes for whatever store you print with.

I found a promo code for 50% off printed invitations at Walgreens using Honey. They do the searching for you.


I have to give mad props to Honey for the awesome cake she created. When she found out our usual cake designer was booked, she accepted the challenge herself.

Let me tell you, Honey claims she can’t cook. Years ago, I’d probably agree with her. But over the years, I have eaten some pretty great things out of her kitchen! Still… bake a cake?? Bake a “Pinterest” cake??? I’m not going to lie, I was nervous for her. There’s no way I could do it.

SHE TOTALLY ROCKED IT! Wesley gave her an A+.


I knew I had to get out there a few hours before the party to make sure we had a party spot, and I also wanted to keep it ballpark-esque. So, I boiled A-freaking-LOT of hot dogs, put them in buns, and wrapped them individually in tin foil. The hot dogs ended up being perfect!

A local bakery made “kickball” cookies for us, and I also brought assorted chips, Capri Suns, and bottled water.


We ended up having around 30 kids at the party. I knew some may not want to play kickball the whole time or at all, so I brought some yard games we had at the house, a Frisbee, and a football and stuck them way out in the outfield.

Goody Bags

The goody bags were simple. I used clear cellophane bags and tried to keep with a red and white theme to match the overall kickball birthday party vibe.

Every goody bag had a little trophy, a red ping pong ball, Kit Kats, red dum dums, and a white twirly sucker.

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A Super Fun Kickball Birthday Party

We had such a great time! Everyone, kids and adults, could mosey around and kinda do what they pleased. Kids sat in the grass to eat, and we all soaked in the sunny weather. It was incredibly low key, but there was something for everyone. So many moms told me how great of an idea it was… all of that credit goes to Wesley!

Towards the end, the adults even joined in on a kickball game! If I can speak for everyone (except my husband Bc he’s a professional kickball player or something)… we felt it the next day! It was so worth it though.

10/10 recommend!

We LOVE birthday parties at our house! Here are some other cool parties we have had:

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