Countdown to Party Time

It’s party week. Wesley turns 5 next Monday, April 16. Every year we have the boy’s birthday parties at our house. So, Wesley’s party is this Saturday! That means it’s a busy and stressful week for mom. Making sure our little house is top notch for the many guests we will have visiting our home. It also means I’m praying that the current 40% chance of rain for Saturday dissipates so that the 40+ people that will be coming don’t have to squeeze into our 1,600 square foot home. Every other year we get lucky. Hopefully this year we will too.

Parties are a big deal at our house! As stressful as it can be preparing for them, I enjoy doing it. We typically have way too much food and fun. The parties always last longer than anticipated with friends staying into the early night to help us celebrate! Last year we began inviting classmates too. Wesley gets so excited knowing his friends from school are coming to his house. However, this OCD mom needs people to learn to RSVP so I can prepare adequately! Of course I don’t mind if they just show up, but not knowing gives me anxiety since I have a constant need for everything to be perfect.

Where did the time go?? Wesley’s going to be 5 years old! He starts kindergarten in August. He’s growing into a handsome, tall, lanky little man. I look at him as I sit beside him on the sofa and try to imagine him as a baby. I wonder how he got so big and so grown so incredibly fast. Everyone advises young parents to enjoy their kids while they are little, because they are grown before you know it. Still, no matter how many times you hear it or how often you stop to cherish the moments, nothing can prepare you for how fast it actually happens. I miss my little baby, but Wesley will always be my Bug. I’m so proud of the smart little dude he’s turning into.


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