15 Walk-Up Songs For Kid’s Baseball

15 Awesome Walk-Up Songs For Kid's Baseball

Haven’t you heard?! Walk-up songs are the new thing for kid’s baseball. Little league moms everywhere are adding Bluetooth speakers to their wagons to haul around ballparks.

I know, I know… you already haul around chairs, your “mom” bag, and baseball equipment. But one mom on the team is going to have to add a Bluetooth speaker to her wagon for this to work! I’ve seen small speakers used and large rolling speakers.

If you’ve been to an MLB game, you know each player walks up to the plate to a song of their choosing. It’s a way to hype them and the crowd for their pending at bat. The hype has recently spread to little league teams, and I am loving it! Once I realized that 75% of teams in All-Stars had walk-up songs… except my youngest’s team… I decided I had to figure it out.

What App Do I Use?

I use a free app, that’s super simple to use, called Sports Audio DJ. There is a paid version, but I easily made the free version work.

With Sports Audio DJ, you are able to import music you have available. I purchased songs on iTunes and was able to easily and quickly import them to the app.

The app adds the songs as “blocks” and allows you to choose exactly which portion of the song you want played. I chose anywhere between 10 – 15 seconds of each song, and the app allows you to add a smooth fade out. The song needs to be done before a pitch is thrown, so if the song doesn’t finish in time, you can easily click the block and it will fade it out immediately. I used that feature 50% of the time! 6u moves fast!

So… what are some great songs to choose?! Here are some I found to be my faves.

Walk-Up Songs for Kid’s Baseball

Flower by Moby

This song has also been one of Bryce Harper’s walk-up songs, which is appealing to the young baseball fan! It’s also very easy to break into an appropriate size excerpt.

We Will Rock You by Queen

Revolution by The Score

Born for This by The Score

Party in the Elevator by Funnel Vision (Fgteev)

This was a HUGE hit. The beginning of the song starts off saying, “I got my boys with me, open the door…” If you’ve never heard this kid sung hit on YouTube, you should give it a listen. It’s fun and catchy even for adults.

Bad by Michael Jackson

U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

Notorious B.I.G. by Notorious B.I.G.

Some of the songs have explicit versions, I (obviously) purchase the clean versions, but for this song in particular I only used the beginning portion that repeats, “no, no, no, notorious.” Wheels loved it.

For the Glory by All Good Things

Here Comes the Boom by E-Force & Sub Zero Project

Circle of Life by Carmen Twillie & Lebo M

Using the instrumental at the beginning of the Circle of Life was super cool!

Can’t Tell Me Nothing by Kayne West

Astronaut in the Ocean by Masked Wolf

I’m a lover of old school music. I didn’t know this song, but using the chorus even made the players on the other team dance!

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

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Awesome Walk-Up Songs For Kid’s Baseball

These songs will more than get you started with your walk-up song list. Do you have a favorite walk-up song that’s not mentioned? Share it below… it may become someone else’s favorite too!

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