A Birthday Quest- My 32nd Birthday

A few days ago, I turned 32 years old. My best friends made plans for us to hang for a few hours that morning, and I was to be ready by 8:00 A.M. Little did I know, my early morning birthday plans started the workings of a Birthday Quest that would take me on exciting and memorable adventures throughout the day.

**This post is a little different than my others, but it is worth the read. Even the small details fit into a big picture, so no skimming on this one. Enjoy the ride that I experienced.* *

Birthday Morning Out

I have two of the most awesome friends a girl could have. This is something I already know. When they asked to spend a few hours with me on the morning of my birthday, I felt special… and was completely unsuspecting.

Before I left, I said goodbye to my husband and the boys, and they let me know I had a present, but they wanted to wait until I got home. 8:00 A.M. comes early.

Breakfast and a surprise. That’s what I was getting. Originally I had to be ready by 8:45 A.M., and I was getting a surprise then brunch, but one of my friends had to move our shenanigans up a bit, because her babysitter had to leave by 11 – 11:30 A.M. Breakfast it was, and I chose Todd Farms in Headland. I’ve always wanted to try their breakfast.

Right on time, we left my house to eat at Todd Farms, which did not disappoint. Their cafe had a homey feel, and their food was delish. On our way out, I requested our traditional mini photoshoot– I’m a fan of documenting everything, which is one reason I love being a blogger.

Next, my surprise. Pedicures!

I don’t know when the last time my pitiful toes were taken care of properly. Bring on the pedicure! The only downside– there was one tech for all three of us. It took a bit longer than expected, but I wasn’t worried since it looked like R would still make it to her kids on time. She was the last to finish too so, she played on her phone while L and I kept ourselves entertained by talking amongst ourselves.

We pulled into the driveway, and it was ten ’til 11:00 A.M., so R sprinted out of the car to go relieve the babysitter. We said our goodbyes, and I pranced inside oozing birthday cheer.

A Birthday Quest

I showed off my freshly painted toes to my husband and went to the bathroom.

“Hey, whatcha doing?” He wasn’t wasting any time. I had been home approximately 2 minutes.

“Peeing.” (#momlife am I right?)

“Oh okay.” I knew they were excited to give me my birthday present. I exited the bathroom and entered the living room to see all three of my guys patiently waiting for me on the couch.

They handed me a card, which contained a typed, sweet birthday note that I read out loud.

Next came my gift wrapped in pretty pink birthday paper– a new Under Armour workout outfit!

“We need you to try it on. We want to see it on you and see if it fits,” my husband said the second I was done looking at my new digs.

A little confused, but excited and happy to go along with it, I went to try on my new outfit. The boys said it was great, but told me they needed to see what it looked like with tennis shoes on.

…. okaaaaay? So, I put on my tennis shoes.

Quest 1

When I got back to the living room, I was handed another envelope with a typed note that I was instructed to read out loud.

Confused, thrilled, excited, curious– I knew exactly where they wanted me to go– Honey’s gym! “Let’s go! You guys are coming with me.”

“No, just you. You have to go alone.”

I’m not sure I even said goodbye, I was so excited. Unknowingly, I was embarking on a journey to uncover all of the secrets of my Birthday Quest… and so much more.

I made it to the gym, and I saw Honey sitting inside. I swore she was waiting. After being there a few minutes and trying to explain to her what was going on, I asked her if she knew anything about it. She had just finished mowing the grass and had sat inside to cool off.

All she knew was Jeremiah texted her saying he was putting a present for me behind her peanut.

Apparently being overwhelmed with excitement turns me into a Valley girl.

Quest 2

Another card! I couldn’t stand the excitement. Was I going somewhere else? Or was this the end of my journey?

Another typed note… and I wasn’t done yet!

I knew the boys wanted me on the Westgate Trail, but like the note said, it’s over three miles long! My next stop could be anywhere within those miles, so I made the decision to park near the soccer fields since that’s where Wheels wanted me to be.

Honey didn’t hesitate, “I’m going with you! Who wants to walk three miles by themselves?”

She wasn’t wrong, but I told her to drive separately, because I wasn’t sure what or where this adventure was taking me.

Quest 3

We were on the trail and enjoyed each other’s company as we walked and talked, although I’m pretty sure we were walking much faster than we would be normally. We knew we should be on the lookout for balloons, and I found myself looking deep in the woods in places I knew the boys wouldn’t go, but I didn’t want to miss it!

About three quarters of a mile in, Honey saw the balloons! We both started running!

Mom of WAR- A Birthday Quest

I was walking around like a crazy person. I knew the present would be hidden somewhere around the balloons, so I went into the woods. Of course, I missed it the first time. Seriously, I couldn’t see straight– I was exhilarated. Finally, I found it… and another typed note!

Googles! What in the world?

I was more than puzzled as I began to read about the next part of my birthday quest.

Mom of WAR- A birthday quest

Honey’s house?!?

Immediately, I looked at her. “You have to know something, Honey! It’s at your house.”

With sincerity, she let me know she had no clue, that she had been at the gym all morning giving a massage and mowing the grass. I know this is a typical Saturday morning for her, and that something was in her POOL. The boys could have easily slid by her house and done something in her yard.

To Honey’s house we go…

Quest 4

On the way to Honey’s I texted Jeremiah to let him know how much fun I was having, and he asked how far I had gotten. When I told him I was headed to the pool, his only response– LOL it’s cold.

Sure enough, there was something in the bottom of the pool!

Honey was worried about my beautiful hair (I had just gotten it done!) and offered to go in the pool for me.

“If he wants me in this pool, I’m going in this pool!”

Mom of WAR- Birthday Quest

I wondered out loud if he thought I would be alone, because his note said something about taking off all my clothes. Maybe he didn’t want me to have to get my clothes soaked? Honey reminded me the neighbors would be able to see as I looked around her fence line. So… in I went!

Inside the waterproof bag, I found Birthday Quest 5 and read it aloud.

Mom of WAR- A birthday quest

Final Birthday Quest

“Honey, it’s in your house! You knew. You had to know. How could you not know?”

“I didn’t know. He probably knows where the key is.”

No, he doesn’t”

“Well, I know Wesley does.”

“Oh. Let’s go!”

I just knew whatever I was looking for had to be in the boy’s room. I checked it twice. It wasn’t.

It wasn’t anywhere. I checked the spare bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, and finally…

I just happened to look behind the guest bathroom shower curtain, and there it was. Stacked neatly with a huge, sparkly note on top.

I picked up my little stack and hurriedly took them to the spare bedroom. I wasn’t supposed to move them, so I thought going faster would make it better. All the while, I’m yelling to Honey that I found them. She starts asking me questions, but I tell her I can’t answer, since I’m not supposed to talk or do anything until I read my letter.

And then the letter…

If you don’t watch any of the other videos or read any other letters, this one is a must. It’s the revelation!

Jeremiah did it all. My husband set up the entire day for me. R playing on her phone during pedicures was really her telling Jeremiah we were running late and him stressing about time. The whole while I was on my Birthday Quest, he had been setting up my birthday party with my friends at home.

He planned every second of this day, and I had no idea until this very moment.

I was overwhelmed with emotion, but he still wasn’t done.

He left me a very nice bottle of champagne. A bottle that we are fond of…

Mom of WAR- A Birthday Quest

Not only did he give me a dress for my party, but my new fave shoes and a True Religion jumpsuit!

My 32nd Birthday Party

After taking a quick shower, I was ready for my party and headed home. Everyone was there. Everyone that matters to me.

I’m officially a happy crier.

Every detail was thought of, including my absolutely beautiful cake, courtesy of Tara’s Temptations. It’s Funfetti, of course. My fave.

He knows me so well.

For hours, I enjoyed the company of my favorite people, but my vision was blurred. All I could see was my husband’s love for me, and my heart overflowed.

This day made it into my top 4 best days of my life– only behind my children’s births and our wedding day.

Mom of WAR- A Birthday Quest

It’s been difficult for me to articulate the extent of my feelings about the day of my 32nd birthday– my Birthday Quest. It’s difficult because there really are no words that justify just how special the entire day was. There are no words that describe the abundance of love I felt from my family and friends.

It is impossible to convey the depth of love I felt in my husband’s written words and actions towards me throughout the day. It is impossible to appropriately define the way my heart and soul felt.

I am, no doubt, the luckiest girl in the entire world.

I love you Jeremiah, and I am eternally grateful for you.

Mom of WAR- A Birthday Quest

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  1. You have some really awesome friends! That sounds like so much fun! I turn 30 this week and although it’s maybe a little late for this year, I’ve shared this with some friends as a gentle hint for next year haha!


  2. Happy Birthday! I turned 32 in April. It’s been so much I’ve learned this year, professionally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually! I’m looking forward for what’s to come in the future ✨🧡


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