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Hey mama! Summer is in full swing, which means lots of time spent outside in the sun. A good pair of sunglasses is a must, and I’m here to tell you I’ve found the BEST sunglasses for busy moms. I’ve been a #1 fan of Knockaround sunglasses for over a year now.

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So what makes Knockaround sunglasses so great? Let me tell you girl…

Mom of WAR- best sunglasses for busy moms

The Best Sunglasses for Busy Moms

It’s summertime. Our kiddos have soccer, baseball, pool parties, beach trips, picnic playdates and all things outside. It’s crucial for us to have a good pair of sunglasses (especially when you’re trying to prevent more eye wrinkles like I am)!

Here are some of the many reasons I choose Knockaround:

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Fashionable
  • Many styles and colors to choose from
  • No ear or nose slippage
  • Lightweight
  • You’re eyelashes don’t touch them every time you blink

And every. single. one. of these reasons are why busy moms, specifically, will fall in love with the Knockaround brand.

Go ahead and snag you a pair here.

With all the running around and kid shuffling we do, it’s no secret our sunglasses take a beating and even get lost sometimes. I’m here to testify that Knockaround sunglasses can withstand the abuse! For the past year, my Watermelon Geode Mai Tais have been my daily wear sunglasses and there’s hardly a scratch on them!

They seriously have something for everyone. Do you like a more classic look? They have simple styles in classic colors like Turtle Shell and black. Do you like to be a little more flashy? I do! They have bright colors and trendy styles to choose from too!

The affordability of Knockaround sunglasses makes them easily replaceable. Or, you could have a few pair, rather than one, so you always have a pair handy.

Choose Knockaround

Recently, I got a new pair of Knockarounds, Blueberry Geode Mai Tais. I just adore the style. It’s been rainy and dreary here for two weeks, but I can’t wait to wear them out and about.

Whether you’re at the ballpark or taking a family beach trip, you’re going to feel great in these sunglasses.

Knockaround sunglasses have always been on my recommended products page. Check out other recommended products for busy moms here.

Mom of WAR- The Best Sunglasses for Busy Moms

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  1. Love the look of these sunglasses as well as how you shared that they are lightweight! Sunglasses can give me headaches after a while, so being lightweight is crucial for me. Thanks for sharing!


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