A Letter To My Sons

A letter to my sons-

I vividly remember the days you were both born and the combination of excitement and fear that I felt. Although I was convinced I had no idea how to manage a child, and then a second, motherhood somehow poured out of my being.

My one heart magnificently encompassed every ounce of the two of you, and I knew I was never ever letting go.

I love you so.

In just these several short years, you have grown from babies into young, little men.

Your laughter and joy spread through me, and others, like the wildest fire. The kindness in your hearts gives me hope for our world’s future.

Every day you teach me how to be a better person.

I believe in you.

The future is yours, but it won’t be easy. The world has changed tremendously since I was your age. Your battles will be different than mine, but I will prepare you in every way I can.

I’ll be there for you.

I pray you grow up knowing you are loved and that there is not one thing you could do to change the way I love you.

Forever and longer,


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