20 Backyard Activities For Kids This Summer

Mom of WAR- backyard activities for kids
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What do you have going on this summer? Summer can look different for a lot of us moms. No matter if you’re a working mom or a SAHM, your backyard can be an awesome place for the kiddos to enjoy their summer. This list of fun backyard activities for kids is jam packed with ways to make any yard a kid approved hangout.

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Backyard Activities for Kids

1. Yard Games

Whether you stick with a classic like Cornhole, or try something new like Yardzee, the opportunities are endless.

2. Movie Night

Have a projector? Set it up outside! Lay out some blankets, pop some popcorn, and enjoy a movie under the stars!

3. Slip and Slide

Who doesn’t love a good slip and slide?!

Find one on Amazon… or build one like we did back in the day with thick plastic and soap.

4. Create a Garden

We enjoy planting. Create a space in your yard to add a garden. No space for a garden? Use planters.

My 7-year-old currently has tomato plants growing that he started from a seed. Here’s the tomato growing kit I bought him for his birthday.

5. Bubbles of All Kinds

Bubbles come in so many forms now. Did you know there are scented bubbles AND bubbles you can eat? Let your kiddos create their own bubbles with a little soap and water, or purchase a bubble machine so they can really go to town!

6. Painting

Painting is a great backyard activity for kids! Whether they are painting a flower pot, or painting on canvas, I’m sure they will love this idea.

7. Picnic

Having a picnic is such a simple idea, but kids love it… and with the mess staying outside, you will too!

8. Build a Fort

If you’ve been planning to build a clubhouse of some sort, now is the time! If not, this idea is still an option. Get creative mama, or better yet, let the kiddos get creative.

Let them build a fort out of sticks, cardboard boxes, blankets and chairs, or whatever they can find to make their dream fort.

9. Make a Fairy Garden

Fairies need plants and tiny houses! This is a neat way for kids to use their imagination.

10. Make S’mores

Use a grill or fire pit to make the ultimate summer s’mores.

11. Have a Cook-Out

Keep in simple with hot dogs or spice it up with BBQ ribs. If you feel like company, invite some of your family’s friends over, so the kids can run around while the parents cook-out.

12. Scavenger Hunt

My kids absolutely love scavenger hunts. Creating a backyard scavenger hunt is simple, or you can use the one I created.

13. Collect Bugs

Bugs. Find bugs.

My boys really enjoy this bug catching kit they got from Santa!

14. Make Homemade Popsicles

Let your kids experiment by making homemade popsicles. They will enjoy trying their concoction on a hot afternoon!

15. Paint Rocks

Let the kiddos search for flat rocks in the backyard to paint. Once they are all dry, they are fun to play hide and seek with! Another option would be to take a few to a local park to hide. Once someone finds your rock, they are supposed to hide it in a new location for the next person, and so on.

16. Water Gun Battle

Turn on the sprinklers, fill up some water balloons, and load the water guns.

17. Make Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

Have an old flat sheet? Well, I have a fun idea for you. Paint a giant tic-tac-toe board on the flat sheet, spread it out in the backyard, and weigh down the corner. Add frisbees. Poof! Giant tic-tac-toe the whole fam can enjoy.

18. Have a Relay Race

This is on my summer bucket list! I want to plan a day for my kids and their friends to enjoy a backyard field day, if you will. Your relay race doesn’t have to be such a big production, but it certainly can be!

Think egg race, egg toss, balloon race, dizzy bat race, and more!

19. Have a Themed Party

Have a small family party, or invite all your friends! It would be fun to have a luau. It would be a must to include leis and coconut cups with umbrellas of course.

20. Play with Chalk

Draw all over the sidewalk, back patio, or whatever space is available. Feeling extra creative? Create an outdoor chalkboard for the fence.

Summer is Here

I hope you enjoyed this awesome list of backyard activities for kids. If you have ideas to add, leave them below!

Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with your family this summer!

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  1. I stopped in my tracks with #1. I need to find a projector, I have the perfect spot for a movie night. And I wonder if we can somehow airplay a football game in the fall? Since, I am not so sure about attending one in the near future.


  2. These are the makings of a summer full of fun, magic, and wonderful memories. Thank you for such wonderful ideas!


  3. There are many interesting ideas here 😁. I like to try new activity for the kids. They have always much energy πŸ™ƒ


  4. these are all such great ideas! we have a slip n slide at home and has been so much fun for the boys!


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