10 Easter Activities For The Whole Family

It’s tradition for us to have a huge family gathering on Easter Sunday, but we are having to make adjustments this year. This Easter is most likely going to be a little different for all of us. No matter what your Easter looks like, this year or in previous years, I’m going to give you a list of fun Easter activities for the whole family.

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Easter Activities For The Whole Family

1. Egg toss

Use a real egg for this one.

Divide into pairs and start close together. Take turns tossing the egg to your partner. Once each pair has successfully caught their egg, everyone take a step back. Repeat. Be the last pair without a broken egg!

2. Egg and Spoon Race

Use a real or plastic egg.

Option 1: Relay. Divide people into equal teams (however many teams you want). Set up cones (or other objects) a certain distance away from the starting line. Let each person carry their egg in a spoon around the object. Once they return to start, the next person goes. First team done, wins!

Option 2: Obstacle course. Get creative by creating an obstacle course for people to maneuver around, under, through (whatever you choose). Don’t drop the egg!

3. Easter Crafts

This can be as simple or complex as you want it to be! There are tons of ideas for Easter crafts on Pinterest, or simply print off some Easter coloring pages.

One year, we used Popsicle sticks, construction paper, craft glue, paint (or markers), and a stick on magnet to create an Easter bunny fridge magnet.

You could also YouTube “how to draw an Easter bunny.” Pause it after each step, so the kiddos have plenty of time to get their lines exactly how they want them.

4. Read Easter Books

Take a break from going going going on Easter Sunday and read some Easter books together.

5. Bake

Let the kiddos join you in the kitchen. Create an Easter dessert together. You could make it a tradition!

6. Jelly Bean Games

We played with Jelly Beans as part of a school lesson last week. My kids LOVED it.

You can play educational games like jelly bean sorting or math with jelly beans.


Put a ton of them in a jar (make sure you know how many) and let your family guess the total. Closest gets a special prize.

7. Create an Easter Basket for Someone Else

Give to someone else on Easter… a family member or a friend. As a family, put together an Easter basket or several small baskets.

8. Decorate an Easter Tree

Decorate a small tree outside, or even a potted plant inside. You can use plastic eggs, ribbon, and whatever else you like on your tree.

9. Easter Egg Memory Game

Use halves of plastic Easter eggs to hide pairs of matching, small treats. Use it as a memory game. When the matching pairs are found, let the kiddos eat the treats!

10. Stack ‘Em Don’t Crack ‘Em

Take turns stacking plastic Easter egg halves. Don’t be the one to topple to tower!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Let me know how you are planning on spending Easter in the comments below.

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Mom of WAR- Easter Activities for the Whole Family

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