Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Having kids tripled my Valentine count. While I always make a point to do something special for my hubby, I give our boys a valentine too! Coming up with ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that they will love but that aren’t over the top can be difficult.

Below I’m going to give you some affordable ideas for gifts, but I am also going to give you some ideas that don’t cost a thing!

Remember: It’s not Christmas or their birthday. There is no need to go over the top. Plus, if you do, next year will be even harder!

Typically I give the boys one or two gifts as their valentine. If I do two, it’s because I get a small gift and some chocolates or other Valentine’s themed candy.

Valentine's Day gifts for kids

Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Stuffed Animal

A stuffed animal is always a safe idea. My boys are 5 and 6 and they still love stuffed animals. It can be a stuffed animal made specifically for Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t have to be! The Aurora World stuffed animals on Amazon are great quality and typically a good price! Here’s a cute alien Wheels got for Christmas.

Activity Book

Activity books are fun and affordable! We love hidden picture activity books. It’s something we can do as a family. Wesley loves word search books too.

Craft Kit

Do your kiddos like crafts? Mine ask if we can do them all the time. It’s easy to find some craft kits that are affordable. In the past I have purchased bracelet making kits, pet rock kits (haha I know, silly! But fun!), and slime kits. Here’s a Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit the boys recently did. We still have fun taking time to hide and find the rocks!

Valentine’s Day PJs or Shirt

Pajamas are always a hit with kids! Here are some ideas for girls and boys:

Silly Socks

Everyone loves fun socks! These superhero socks with capes on them are too cute.

Have Fun With It

Don’t worry so much about everything being perfect. Years from now you’re kids will remember how you always thought about them, not necessarily what you gave them. Here are some budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that don’t require you to spend any money!

Handmade Valentine

You’re a mom. You may be running low, but you have something craft related in the house! Use crayons, markers, glitter, pipe cleaners, popcorn balls, whatever you have to make a fun Valentine for your kiddo.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

This can be as simple or complicated as you need to make it for your child. If they can’t read yet, use pictures! Let the clues lead them to different places/objects inside or outside and let the last clue lead to a handmade Valentine or one of the affordable gifts you went with above.

Balloon Popping

Blow up some balloons. Not with helium. In some of the balloons put some candy, clues to where their present is hidden, or reasons why you love them. Make them pop all of the balloons to find the goodies!

These are just a few fun ideas that have turned out great for me in the past. Get creative, take the idea and make it your own!

Now that you have your kiddos taken care of, check out these awesome ideas for the special guy in your life.

Mom of WAR- Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

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