Chocolate Pizza Company

I have heard of dessert pizza before, but I have never heard of a milk chocolate pizza. Now that I have, I have found an awesome addition to any party and a fun gift to send family and friends in the mail for their special occasions.

Let me introduce you to Chocolate Pizza Company.

Mom of WAR- Chocolate Pizza Company

The Chocolate Pizza Company is based out of New York, but they deliver their gourmet treats anywhere. Seriously. You can ship anywhere in the U.S. or Canada by ordering online. If you need something shipped internationally… just give them a call.

They take care to ensure their chocolate-y greatness arrives in pristine condition. My pizza and wings arrived inside of a small Styrofoam cooler with an ice pack that was packed neatly into a shipping box. The box traveled from NY to way down here at the bottom of Alabama and there was not one detail out of place or one drizzle of melted chocolate. Pretty impressive!

Mom of WAR- Chocolate Pizza Company

You heard me right… pizza and wings.

My goodies arrived just in time for our annual Halloween party with all of our best friends. My chocolate pizza was decorated with Halloween sprinkles, which gave me the perfect excuse to take it to the party as a centerpiece for the munchies table!

Chocolate Pizza Company

Just to make the chocolate pizza even cooler, it is served in a pizza box!

The pizza looks super cool, but it tastes ah-mazing. The milk chocolate-y richness appeases anyone’s sweet tooth. To claim your piece, just break it off!

The Spooky-licious Chocolate Pizza was a huge hit at the party. From babies to mamas!

I didn’t take my wings to the Halloween party. No way. I kept those bad boys all to myself. What exactly is a chocolate wing? It is ruffle style potato chip covered in peanut butter and milk chocolate. Basically, it’s the taste of heaven with just the right amount of crunch.

Chocolate Pizza Company

Chocolate Pizza Company has birthday “cake” options, gift baskets, and more. Their unique gourmet treats are a perfect way to wish a friend happy birthday or provide an extra special treat for an event. For my fellow working mamas out there… these would be really fun at a work even as well!

Give them a try. Come back when you do. I want to know how awesome it was!

It’s Halloween, but this mama is already preparing for Christmas. Learn about the company I used to make our family Christmas cards this year.

Mom of WAR


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