7 Reasons to Use Basic Invite

It’s holiday season… and I am totally in the holiday spirit! I love everything about the holidays coming up, especially Christmas. I’ve already ordered our family Christmas cards from Basic Invite!

Every year, I design and order cards at least three times. I order birthday invitations for both boy’s birthday parties, and I order family Christmas cards.

My experience designing cards is typically average with my frustration rising a bit when I try to change certain details that the site will not allow me to change, so I end up having to pick an entirely different card. If you’ve designed cards online, I am sure you can relate!

I have to tell you guys about a website that totally reinvents the process for designing cards online!

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Basic Invite, and they are anything but basic! I know you are going to love them just as much as I do!

Photo courtesy of Basic Invite

7 Reasons You Should Choose Basic Invite

1. Customize Easily

I wish I had found this site years ago. Basic Invite makes customizing cards easy. Don’t have an account yet? No problem! You are able to begin editing cards immediately. Within a few minutes, I was able to insert my family picture into several different cards, which allowed me to easily choose a design I love!

2. So Many Color Options

My favorite part of the customizing process… the color options! Seriously, the color options are practically unlimited. Basic Invite has over 180 colors to choose from plus they allow you to choose colors for each element individually.

3. Complete Creative Control

It’s not just colors Basic Invite gives you control over. You are able to choose how you want your signature to appear, if you want to add/remove text, what material you want your card to be, what the back of your card looks like, and more! There are also customizable foil options for cards with foil designs.

4. 40+ Colors of Envelopes

Basic Invite loves color, and so do I! They have over 40 different colors of envelopes to choose from, so your card can make a statement before it’s even opened! *BONUS* No licking is required! All of their envelopes are peel and seal!

Basic Invite
Photo courtesy of Basic Invite

5. Custom Samples

Basic Invite will send you a printed sample of the card you created, so that you can see and feel the card in person. They are one of the few sites that offers this service to their customers!

6. Address Capturing Service

If you’re like me, you may love the idea of having addresses pre-printed on your envelopes, but you definitely don’t have all of the addresses you need available. Basic Invite has solved this dilemma. They automatically provide you with a custom link you can share on social media to request friend’s and family’s addresses!

7. Basic Invite- A Card for Every Occassion

Their site offers gorgeous cards and invitations for all occasions! Since I design birthday invitations for the boys, I have already taken a peak in preparation for next year. I am fully confident I will be able to create awesome birthday invites for their parties.

They really have something for every occasion: weddings, baby announcements, stationary, business cards, holidays, holiday parties, birthday parties, and more!

Photo courtesy of Basic Invite

Creating a card on Basic Invite is not a task, it is a full experience. When you choose Basic Invite, you aren’t just customizing one of their cards… you’re creating your card!

Basic Invite has over 500 Christmas card and holiday card designs. Right now you can receive 30% off by using code holi30.

I know you guys are dying to see the Christmas cards I designed through Basic Invite. I’m sorry… you’re going to have to wait. Stay tuned, though. In December, I will post our family Christmas card!

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Mom of WAR- Basic Invite


  1. Yay for the holiday season! This is a great reminder that I need to start thinking about our Christmas cards. I will certainly look into it. I love options!


  2. Basic Invite seems to be more popular this year… I was just reading another post about it! I used Paper Culture this year, but Basic Invite seems like it has great stuff!


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