A Simple Guide to the Ibotta App

Personally, I’ve used the Ibotta app for about two years now. I guess because of my personal use, I assume everyone knows about it. As I have casually mentioned the Ibotta app to people in the recent months, I have realized that there are so many people who do not know about it or do not understand how to use it, so they haven’t tried.

Join Ibotta through any of the links on this page to be linked to my team! Together we can help each other earn bonuses, which means extra cash!

The Ibotta app is 100% something you should be using, and I am going to show you how to use it!

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free rebate app. You can find offers on grocery items and retail items. There are also rebates for purchasing through certain booking sites, like booking.com.

The first step is to create an account. Once that’s complete, you will have access to all offers! Go through the offers, select the ones that interest you, and when you are done shopping upload your receipt!

Mom of WAR- Ibotta app

Ibotta does not take a percentage of the the rebates they offer you. Once you have at least $20 on your account, you are able to cash out. You can receive the money as cash through a paypal or venmo account. There are also gift card options to choose from.

5 Reasons Why You Should be Using the Ibotta App

It’s free to download.

Being a free app, it definitely doesn’t hurt to try it out. Like any new app, there’s a learning curve, however, with the Ibotta app there’s no doubt that you will catch on quickly!

You earn money on items you planned to purchase anyways.

I typically look at the Ibotta app the day before I plan to go to the grocery store. If I see something on my list, I check it! Without trying to do anything fancy, like earn bonuses, it is completely possible to earn real money by purchasing what you planned to purchase anyway.

Here’s a snapshot of my personal account:

Mom of WAR- Ibotta app
There are bonuses.

You can get fancy with it if you want! There are bonuses for purchasing certain groups of items or a certain amount of items within a time frame. All bonuses and what they require are listed under Account>Bonuses.

Recent bonuses I achieved:

$5.00. Yes, 5 free dollars, for purchasing 7 items listed on the Ibotta app within a three day time period. 6 of those 7 items were purchased in one shopping trip, so it’s not like I ran around all weekend trying to earn $5 like a mad woman.

$0.50. I earned an additional $0.50 for purchasing 2 regular size boxes of Hot Pockets and one of the family packs of Hot Pockets. I purchased these a few weeks a part. It was not required to be purchased in the same trip!

If your friends use the Ibotta app, you can unlock more bonuses.

By going to Account>Teamwork you are able to see different tiers of bonuses offered to you and your friends for the month.

In order to achieve each tier, the numbered items have to be complete.

This month, the first tier is a bonus of $0.50. In order to achieve this tier, you must complete 2 items. 1. You must redeem 15 unique offers. 2. Your team must redeem $20.00 worth of offers.

Bonuses are completely optional. But, if you have a big shopping month, like the months to come for the holidays, they are easier to achieve, and it is nice to see the extra money begin to add up!

You have 7 Days to Redeem

Did you forget to upload a receipt? Did your husband run to the store, and there are items you could redeem? No worries!

You have 7 days from the date of purchase to redeem your receipt on the Ibotta app.

Tips for Using the Ibotta App

Check out your options before your grocery trip. Standing in the aisles looking while you are shopping can make a trip more stressful and longer! We all know that’s the last thing we need! It only takes a sec to look through the app, so get it in before your trip.

Click on the store you plan on shopping at before you search for items. This makes it easier to see which offers are available at that particular store. You can most definitely search for items right out of the gate, but just make sure you click on the item and scroll toward the bottom of the offer to verify it is valid for the store(s) you plan on purchasing from.

If you’re making an online purchase through a retailer, check the Ibotta app! I’ll use Amazon as an example, because I do a lot of Amazon shopping. Amazon is a retailer on the Ibotta app. If you search for Amazon on the app, and click shop, Ibotta will redirect you to the Amazon app. This is how you earn rebates through Ibotta for shopping online!

In July, we took a family trip to the beach for William’s birthday. When I booked our hotel, I used booking.com. I searched for Booking.com on the Ibotta app and entered the website that way. I received an $8.00 rebate for our trip through Ibotta. $8.00 may not seem like a lot compared to the price of the stay, but it is $8.00 I wouldn’t have had in the first place. So that’s a win for me!


I use the Ibotta app kind of like a savings account. I try not to cash out throughout the year, so I have a little extra to spend during the holidays. Last year, I cashed out $120 and used it towards Christmas gifts.

So far this year, I have $80 in my account that I have saved up! With the holidays, that will probably increase a bit, since I will be buying more food and shopping online more!

Join Ibotta through this link to be on my team: Download Ibotta! You’re going to love it!

Have questions? Please ask! I’ll do my best to help!

Wondering what I plan to spend my Ibotta money on?? Here’s my personal Christmas list for the boys.

Mom of WAR- Ibotta app


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