Funny Things My Kids Have Done… This Week! Vol. 12

Let’s just jump right into the funnies…

We had a family beach weekend for William’s 5th birthday. The first morning, William woke up first. So, I took him out on the balcony to attempt to let everyone sleep a little longer.

We were looking out at the water trying to find sharks and talking about the beach…

“Can you believe it? Daddy has gone past the boobies!”

Giggling a little, I asked him to repeat what he said. He knew, at that point, that he wasn’t saying it right, so he wouldn’t repeat it.

Either way you look at it… Daddy has gone past the boobies.

Panama City Beach, FL

Wesley had an obsession with burying himself in the sand during the trip…



In all fairness to Wesley, in this next picture, I asked him if he wanted to be an octopus or a merman. He chose octopus. As I started my first tentacle, I realized I had no idea how to make a sand octopus. Merman it is…


I think summer is getting to the boys. They are around each other all day every day. They aggravate each other constantly.

A few nights ago, they were on the sofa. William was hitting Wesley and saying he was going to poop on him. (You heard that right.) Wesley was yelling at William. He was being overly loud to try to get my attention and make me think William was doing something terrible to him. I’ve got these dudes figured out.

I asked them if they wanted me to separate them, because if they didn’t stop that’s what I was going to do. William said he did want me to separate them, so he could keep his spot on the sofa.


After aggravating each other a little longer, I did it. I separated them. William was not allowed to move or cross over his sofa cushion. Wesley was on the other side with the same rules. 5 minute time limit.

As William is jumping up and down, he tells me it’s okay because he’s still on his cushion. Then I overhear them talking about what being separated means…

Wesley: “Being separated means the mommy tells the kids they can’t be beside each other anymore.”

William: “Nah ah! The daddy tells them!”

????? I’m pretty sure I’m not the daddy, and I just separated them. Just another example of how they will argue and aggravate each other about anything.

Kids are so silly! How much fun is it to listen to them?!

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Let’s hear about your kiddos! Leave some fun or silly things they’ve done recently in the comments below…

Panama City Beach, FL



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