Funny Things My Kids Have Done… This Weeks! Vol. 11

Kids are so silly. Sometimes it is fun to keep the conversation going just to see where it leads!

Last night, 5 whole minutes after dinner, I was picking up the house a bit. I asked Wesley to take some shoe boxes to the recycling trash can outside.

A few minutes later, I found something else that needed to go in recycling, so I took it out myself. What do you know? There beside the trash can, on the ground, are the shoe boxes I asked Wesley to take out.

William was in the back yard, so I called for him and told him to tell Wesley to come here. Wesley came up with a Drumstick ice cream cone in his hand waiting to be opened.

I just pointed at the shoe boxes and didn’t say a word. I wasn’t mad, I just wanted him to pick them up. With no words to prompt him he interjects:

“I can explain.” He waits for me to say something, but I don’t. I just kind of giggle and nod.

“I was so so hungry. I just couldn’t take it. I couldn’t put them in the trash can because I was so hungry.”

Remember, this is 5 minutes after dinner. This boy takes after his mommy. He wasn’t hungry. He couldn’t wait to rush to get dessert!


If you guys saw my post from earlier this week, you know Wheels turned 5! I just cannot believe my littlest is already 5! SLOW DOWN!!!

So, we have some special plans this weekend for his birthday. He knows that starts today, so he was super excited yesterday. “Only one more sleep, then we go?!”

I always greet the boys in the morning with, “Morning handsome. How did you sleep?”

This morning William said he slept good because today was the celebration day! After confirming that I had to work for a few hours first, he made sure to tell me, “When you go to work, hurry okay? Make sure you tell them.”

Oh kiddo… if only life were that easy! To see the world through a kid’s eyes, huh?


So, I am writing this post and William asks if he can have french toast for breakfast. Sure, sounds yummy. After a couple of minutes, he asks if I am making them yet.


“Well, I don’t see you.”

Oh brother! So, I better get to making french toast for the birthday boy.

Don’t forget to check out the last Funny Things Post! If your kids have said anything cute/funny recently, and I’m sure they have… let us know in the comments!

Funny Things


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