Happy 5th Birthday to Wheels!

The baby of our family turns 5 today!

He’s our Little, Bitty, Bitty Bit, Bit Bit, Itty Bitty, Ittle Bittle, and Wheels.

William Axel Richardson was born on July 16, 2014 (exactly 15 months after his brother, with the exception of about 30 minutes.)

It is so hard to believe that our big blue eyed, squishy cheeked adorable little baby has grown into a big blue eyed handsome little boy.

He may be the baby of our family, but his caring heart and fearless personality tell us he is not a baby at all!

Wheels is definitely a mommy’s boy, and I am forever okay with that.

He is protective of his family, especially his big brother.

This kid is athletic beyond his years in every sport he tries.

As he starts Kindergarten this year, I cannot help but wonder what this new chapter in life will bring him, and I am so incredibly excited to watch it.

Happy Birthday William. Mommy, Daddy, WesWes, Tookie Britches, and FiFi love you beyond words!


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