Funny Things My Kids Have Done… This Week! Vol. 8

This past week has been a bit of a blur. I had to write a paper…

The last paper of my first doctoral level class! Yay me! If all goes well with the paper’s grade, I will keep an A in the class. #rockedit

We also had a sickling for a few days.

With all the craziness of the past week, which appears to be the norm now (different week, same crazy), I still remember some great moments.

This cool kid was obsessed with mohawks this week…

My upper back got pretty sunburned from camping a few weekends ago. So, I’m peeling pretty bad. When I was changing shirts the other day, William noticed. He then proceeded to tell Wesley, “If mommy takes her shirt off, you can see her real skin!”

We try not to keep many sugary drinks in the house. The kids aren’t huge fans of this. This other day I told Wesley I would make some Gatorade later.

“Make it!?! What are you?! Magic?!”

Why yes, yes I am!

Thanks to a family member, I was introduced to powdered Gatorade! I make it by the gallon. It’s easy and tastes exactly the same.

<br />

Last week, Dad dug through the storage shed and found his Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. So, the boys are learning about the classics. This morning they were playing Super Mario Bros, and I had to correct them after I overheard, “Jump Sushi! Jump!”

Hey… it’s Yoshi guys…

This afternoon I overheard, “Jump Soshi, Jump!”


It’s Father’s Day and dad is working. Super bummer. But this half of the Richardson clan is pretty warn out anyways. We had a BFF’s birthday party yesterday morning. The party was at Chuck E Cheese’s. I had no idea the kids got unlimited games for the length of the party.

Cha-ching! There were stars in this mommy’s eyes. Give me all the tickets!

Wheels and I both hit jackpot on the same game!



After the party, we went swimming at Honey’s. The boys fell asleep in the Jeep on the way home. It was only 6:30PM!


Oh ya… you heard me say Jeep, right?! Because my husband is stinking amazing and surprised me with a new vehicle. It’s not just any new vehicle either. It’s the coolest Jeep EVER!

I’m officially a Jeep girl. #jeephairdontcare

Happy Father’s Day… to me??? That’s why he’s the best. He always thinks of us before himself.

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