Funny Things My Kids Have Done… This Week! Vol. 3

I suppose this is becoming a series! I mean… why not? Kids do an endless amount of silly things?!

Earlier this week, I was driving in the car, and William was in the backseat. “Mommy? How old are you?” I told him I was 30. “So, you’re not 40?” I told him I was not 40. “Well, at school, I had to guess how old you are and I said 90. I didn’t know. I just had to guess. But, I knew your name was Mallory, not really Mommy.”


I’m not too sure what part the 40 played in this story??? Some days I feel 90!

Dad had finals this week. While his classes are typically at 8AM, for some reason they schedule his finals at 3:15 in the afternoon. Never fails. They are also always scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursday, which are the days I work until 5PM. Jeremiah typically picks Wesley up from school on these days. So, I took my lunch break a few minutes before 3PM, picked Wesley up from school, and brought him back to work with me for the last little bit.


**Side note that’s important for this funny… my boss lady and I share an office.**When we got there, I had some paperwork to file. I got down a huge binder to file it in. Wesley: “Why does she make you do that, mom?” Ooooh boy. Glancing over my shoulder, I determine she didn’t hear. Not that she would have cared if she did. She would have laughed… but still… it’s just the point. Covering my bases, I let Wesley know she doesn’t make me do it. It’s part of my job.

Kids have no filters. It’s great, really. That kind of honesty should be admired. If nothing else, it provides great entertainment.

Wesley also made copies of his hands for the first time. And discovered sticky notes. When I told him he should take one of the copies of his hands home to show dad and brother, he just couldn’t do it. He had to figure out how to stick them on the wall. But, he refused to use tape. He was determined to get them up there with sticky notes.


He then proceeded to write, eh… about 41 funny notes and love notes to me and decorate my desk, computer, and wall with them. This is a first. Of course, I love it, and will proudly show them off every chance I get. Even if “mom is a booger.” He still loves me to the moom. Yes, I said moom.


I hope you guys are enjoying my kid’s funny moments every week. I plan on keeping this up. I realize that Friday isn’t the end of the week, and I post these on Fridays. But, I’d rather start my week on a Saturday anyways!

Happy weekend! Check out this week’s pictures below! We saw an awesome rainbow!

Check out last week’s funnies right here!




  1. I love recording these things! You THINK you’ll remember but they’re so easy to forget! Having a place to write this stuff down is one of the reasons i love having a blog!


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