AMBUSH Stops in Dothan

This week, Dad and I had an amazing opportunity! Having a surprise date night is great enough, but it gets even better! We were able to attend an AMBUSH Auburn Alumni Association dinner. War Eagle! Jeremiah would say Roll Tide, but he still, admittedly, had a wonderful time.

The Wiregrass Auburn Club worked with the Auburn Alumni Association to put Dothan on the map for this year’s AMBUSH tour. We are so glad they did!

If you guys don’t know anything about the Wiregrass Auburn Club, you should know this… they do a lot of work to raise money for local student’s scholarships to Auburn University. Very cool.

At the AMBUSH dinner, we were able to bring some sports gear for head coaches, Gus Malzahn and Bruce Pearl, to sign. After dinner and autographs, we were able to listen to them speak for about an hour. The session was not scripted or planned, which made it even cooler. These coaches are really fun guys!


Jeremiah left wanting to become a more serious basketball fan. That’s how great these guys were. It didn’t matter that it was Auburn, once we got in the truck, Jeremiah said he was taking the boys to an Auburn basketball game next season. He may not be an Auburn fan, but he is officially a Bruce Pearl fan.


I love Auburn. I fell in love with Auburn football when Cadillac Williams was playing. I could tell you the exact play that caused me to fall in love with Auburn football, but Jeremiah would stop me and tell me he’s heard it a million times. OH WELL! It’s still a good story…

So, I was a junior in high-school. I had never been to a football game before. High-school or college. We were playing LSU. We were losing. We had the ball a few yards from the end zone with 3 seconds left in the game. The ball was snapped and Cadillac Williams did a front flip over the LSU line and landed in the end zone. TOUCHDOWN AUBURN! I became a true fan at that very moment and have never wavered.

I also attended Auburn the fall after I graduated high-school for two years. Auburn holds a special place in my heart.

Listening to the coaches talk the other night, you could hear the excitement and love for their sport and school in their voices. They brought the crowd together. A sense of unity filled the room. That type of pride and spirit is what being a southern, football fan is all about!


The dinner was a great experience! I am so glad we were able to go. Shout-out to Wiregrass Construction for being awesome and making this happen for us! We appreciate it!





  1. You should have wrote this for the Dothan Eagle or the LOCAL or a local magazine.. this was well written and really needs to be shared!
    Glad you two had a great time!


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