Life At the Ballfield: Opening Ceremonies 2019

Last night my #baseballlife #baseballmom life officially began when we participated in our very first opening ceremonies! Although the wait was long T-ball went last for some totally not understood reason, my little dudes proudly and enthusiastically ran the bases when their names were called!

Let me tell you… my little T-ball players are awfully handsome in their uniforms!!! Let’s go #3 and #7!!!


We ended up on Dothan Pediatric Clinic’s team! I found that pretty fitting considering we’ve given those guys a heck of a lot of business over the years. I feel like it’s our vacation home at times.

My husband and I both had childhoods that were immersed with sports. I had honestly forgotten how much I loved the ball field until last night. Everything about it… the sounds, the smells, the bright glow of the tall lights with little bugs buzzing around them. It felt so good to be a part of it again. It felt so good to see our boys become a part of one of mine and Jeremiah’s favorite past times.


By the time opening ceremonies and pictures were over, it was close to 8:00PM. The big boys had started their first games of the season! We headed home to rest up for our first game which was this morning!


The boys were both a little nervous about their first game… Wesley more so. He told me is was scared to miss the ball, because if he got three strikes he would be out. Of course, I told him what any mommy would… that it is okay to miss. Try your best and if it doesn’t work out, don’t give up. Have fun and remember that you are still learning. As soon as they got on that field, all fears melted away. They felt right at home.


We had two at bats. Both boys hit the ball their first try both times! I know that gave them some extra confidence. After our second at bat, William played first base. He did a great job! Every time the ball was hit, he held his glove high waiting for a throw to first. My favorite action moment was when Wesley (playing third, or close to it, haha) caught a grounder and threw it to William at first for an out! Even though outs don’t count. They totally looked like pros!


My favorite moment of this entire experience… seeing how genuinely happy they were out there on the field. They had confidence, good manners, listened and took instruction well, and played their little hearts out. I am soooo thoroughly excited for this journey to begin for us.


I’m so proud of these guys, their hard work and enthusiasm!



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  1. This is so cute. I love the ball field, too. I had both of mine in t-ball, then baseball and softball. And sadly, they retired before they were ten. I was so sad, but I accepted it (took a while). Fast forward to middle school and now my girl is playing softball again! Yayyyy! Such a great sport, love it.


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